Makers Boot Camp Demo Day, Shibuya 2015


Ready to meet the best hardware startups and explore their actual products?


Makers Boot Camp has worked together for half an year with IoT hardware startups, focusing on the stage with needs of mass-production, and we are thrilled to present the results of their excellent ready-to-go products for the global market.

You’ll for sure get to meet the great IoT hardware startups and also network with many valuable contacts there.

Makers Boot CampはIoT/ハードウェアスタートアップを対象に特に量産化試作にフォーカスしたアクセラレーションプログラムを年2回提供しています。今回その第1回目のプログラム参加企業のDemo Dayを行います。これからグローバルマーケットに展開を志すIoT/ハードウェアベンチャーに出会う絶好の機会ですので、是非、Demo Dayにお越し下さい。

Date: 2nd Dec 2015


Place: Tech Lab Paak 6F - (Shibuya- Tokyo)

We will be putting chairs infront, putting all the tables back.


13:00: Door Opens/受付開始

13:30-13:45 Speech I by Makers Boot Camp, Japan/Makers Boot Campスピーチ

13:45-14:00 Speech II by Recruit/リクルートスピーチ

■Kyoto Hardware Startups/京都市ものづくりベンチャー創出支援講座

14:00-14:05 Opening by Kyoto city/京都市挨拶 

14:05-14:35 Keynote speech by HWTrek, Taiwan/ HWTrekによるKeynoteスピーチ

14:35-14:50 Break/休憩

14:50-15:00 Speech by AutoDesk/AutoDeskスピーチ

15:00-16:00 Presentation by 6-7 hardware startups/6-7社のスタートアッププレゼン

16:00-17:00 Networking Closing/ネットワーク イベント終了

■Speaker Information

Martin Feuerhahn, Chief Project Mentor of HWTrek, brings his unique view for complex hardware projects, directly from Taiwan http://bit.ly/1OSnse2

■Startups Information

1. UpPerforma https://www.facebook.com/upperforma/

Kyoto based startup that developed a device for athletes, called Eagle Eye. It uses location data to measure each player’s position, gauge their speed, and generate a heat map of the entire team as a whole.

2. AO https://www.facebook.com/CVbyAO/?pnref=story

AO created a device called IPVoICe: an acessory for voice record and message stored in CLIPVoICe, with playback voice data anytime by one finger action (noneed to take out smartphone.) If CLIPVoICe is connected dedicated App CLIP,you can send voice data to your family and friends etc.

3. Atmoph https://www.facebook.com/atmoph/?fref=ts

Kyoto based startup founded by ex-Nintendo engineers, who created a digital window that opens to beautiful scenery from around the world with 4K‒shot. Successfully raised $160K on Kickstarter.

4. Coban https://www.facebook.com/coban2015/?pnref=lhc

Tokyo based startup that makes e-money balance display card. The card can be embedded in pass case or smart phone case. You can check balance of e-money like Suica/Pasmo with this product.

5. おなかのげんじつ

A startup founded by students from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) who developed a wearable device and Android app. The device measures waist as well as pressure of human stomach, and sends the data to Android app via Bluetooth.

6. Chikaku https://www.facebook.com/magochannel/?fref=ts

A special 3D device to connect grandparents to their remote grandchildren: they can use a TV scream to follow up on their beloved ones, from their own couch.

7. Hakuhodo

Tokyo based Advertising company. Hakuhodo's preeminent solution supported by knowledge and skill, corporate outline, variety of research documents.

Organizer:Makers Boot Camp

Presentation Organizer:ASTEM

Co-host:Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

Food Sponsorship:Auto Desk

Please make sure to register your spot from here.

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Wed Dec 2, 2015
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Makers Boot Camp Demo Day, Shibuya 2015